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Legal Transcription

Let your paralegal get back to doing what they do best!  Whether you are just starting out or have a huge caseload, ​please contact us for customized legal transcription services designed to meet your specific deadlines and needs. We fully understand the importance of the data you entrust to us and adhere to strict confidentiality. 

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Hobart Transcription has the expertise at transcribing:




and much more

Legal Transcription prices:

Number of Speakers               24 Hours      48 Hours      5 Day

Normal (1-2 speakers)                 $3.00         $2.00           $1.50 

Difficult (3-4 speakers)                $3.50         $2.50           $2.00

Focus Groups (5+ speakers)      $4.50          $3.50           $3.00

Our rates are charged per audio minute. Turnaround time is based on time received. For example, a 24-hour turnaround time means that orders placed before 5:00pm will be completed by 5:00pm on the following business day. Time coding will be charged at the Focus Group rates. ***A 50% deposit will be required for new clients before commencement of transcription job.

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